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My kobita is the largest Poem reading website In Bangladesh. The Mykobita.com is a website where you can find all kinds of free famous Bangla poems and lyrics. We analyze the free famous Bangla Poem and lyrics very accurately and provide them on our website.

We have already noticed many websites where they have given the wrong famous Bangla Poem and lyrics to a large number of Bangla poems and lyrics. So we have taken the initiative to properly analyze the famous Bangla Poem and lyrics to each Bangla Poem and lyrics and we will publish it on our website.

Then especially Poetry lovers will benefit through our website. The main purpose of our website is to help all Poetry lovers and Lovers with the lyrics of the song in Bangladesh.

Moreover, if you need a famous Bangla Poem and lyrics, you can Contact Us and we will provide as your required. So all of you are kindly requested to share the website with all your friends and inspire us.

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